Last updated 17th May 2021

Following the Government announcement giving details of the roadmap out of lockdown; here is an outline of how these measures will effect outdoor public table tennis tables and Ping Pong Parlours and other indoor settings.

Please note these dates, are the earliest these steps will come into effect, and will be assessed each time by the Government against the ‘four tests’.



Play on outdoor tables and organised outdoor sport is now permitted for people from different households outdoors, though gatherings of more than 30 people remain illegal (unless an exemption applies).  Click here for a guide on playing outdoors safely.



Table tennis in Ping Pong Parlours* and other indoor venues to re-start, there is no limit on group numbers so long as people adhere to capacity restrictions on indoor facilities.  The maximum occupancy of each indoor facility should be limited by providing a minimum of 9.29 sq m space (100 sq ft) per person. We now suggest a court size of a minimum of 8mx4m to help maintain social distancing requirements.

*Sadly not all Ping Pong Parlours will re-open from this date, but we are working with our shopping centre partners to get as many operating as soon as possible.


No earlier than 21st June:

All legal limits on social contact will be removed, guidance will be published on how to best reduce the risk of transmission and protect ourselves and loved ones.

For the latest advice from Table Tennis England click here