Ping! is a free street ping pong project that sees table tennis tables strategically placed in public locations in towns and cities across England. Since Ping! launched in London in 2010, it has been an overwhelming success, last summer over 750 tables were placed in public spaces of 21 towns and cities, with 1.8million visits to the tables.  
The festival raises the profile of table tennis, challenges people’s preconceptions about what ping pong is,who the game is for and where it can be played. The Ping! festival is also an opportunity to promote social table tennis, create ongoing opportunities and inform the public about all the places they can play. For most towns and cities the festival model will evolve into more targeted activation projects to meet local needs.
Once the festival is over, Ping!’s focus shifts towards where the public can play-on all year round - in shopping centres, workplaces, cafes, bars, sports clubs or universities and colleges, as well as public spaces too of course. Over time, Ping! helps to build a permanent network of accessible places to play for free.

How to Ping! Your City

Ping! is a Table Tennis England project delivered with Sport England funding and support. In each town or city the project is delivered in conjunction with a lead partner (such as City Council or County Sports Partnership) which is committed to developing a thriving social table tennis scene and uses Ping! as both a way to develop this and raise the profile of table tennis.  
This lead partner is responsible for the planning and delivery of all aspects of the project, but should build a network of local partners to help out, receiving support from Table Tennis England’s staff.
The model for Ping! can be easily adapted and delivered by different cities.  We welcome expressions of interest each year between June – September.
In order for an expression of interest to be considered, there needs to be council backing.
If you’d like to register your interest, please